The Challenge

We were tasked with creating a visually compelling brand identity for Draft Mechanical, a dynamic startup that embodies the core values of integrity, responsiveness, quality work, and exceptional customer service. The challenge was to craft a brand that reflects their values, aligns with industry trends, but also conveys a distinction to their B2B stakeholders. The immediate goal was to establish Draft Mechanical as a trusted and reputable brand within the industry, setting new benchmarks for excellence and reliability.

Our Approach

We used our design process to flush out the details needed to establish the company’s values and personality. After identifying words to describe the company’s culture and customer experience we were able to create a mood board to further explore the look and feel. The client’s feedback on the presented visual elements facilitated a smooth progression of the project. His participation in the approval of concepts and design direction was critical. The finalized style guide for Draft Mechanical successfully delivered a visually appealing, strong, and sustainable brand identity. Through meticulous design choices and strategic brand elements, we created a visual language that embodies the essence of Draft Mechanical’s mission and values. The brand now stands out as both captivating and credible, aligning seamlessly with industry standards while resonating deeply with the target audience. This comprehensive style guide ensures consistency and longevity, empowering Draft Mechanical to make a lasting impact and thrive in the competitive landscape.


Logo, Style guide, Social Media templates


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