The Challenge

Historically, Houston tech companies have faced challenges in identifying and engaging talented jobs seekers. This has caused tech companies to seek talent elsewhere and has even resulted in companies leaving Houston for tech hubs such as Austin or Silicon Valley. Additionally, local job seekers find themselves in a similar predicament. Not having the ability to view jobs and companies compromise the Houston tech community. HTX Talent had two immediate goals; needing a brand identity that would resonate with Houston talent, and needing to increase access to tech jobs and companies while providing much needed visibility to the growing pool of talent in Houston.

Our Approach

Initially, we recognized the importance of developing a client journey map to gain a deeper insight into how the website facilitates connecting new talent to hiring companies. We pinpointed the need for rebranding the HTX Talent to establish a stronger connection with the target audience. Through research and strategic planning, we identified the different audience segments that would be integral stakeholders, including the talent pool, hiring companies, city partners, and other collaborators within the tech ecosystem. Following the rebranding process, we collaborated closely with the client to craft a comprehensive site map and wireframe for the new website. Additionally, we formulated a brand voice that would resonate with our audience and used this as the foundation for our web copy.Utilizing custom code, we then developed a UX/UI designed website to fulfill the project’s objective and delivered an engaging experience for online users.


New logo, newly designed website, messaging and social media campaign


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